Texture Mix

With all this cold weather, I’ve been in a bit of a rut in regards to outfit inspiration. The pickings are slim when you’re trying not to freeze your ass off! Last night, I decided that I wanted to go for a more structured look and incorporate an edgier piece because it’s been all knits and puffer vests for me lately. I immediately thought about this light grey leather jacket that I picked up a year ago at the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls. The jacket retailed for over $160 and I got it for (drumroll pleaseee…) $40! 


Although I’m still wearing a knit, I feel chic and put together in this outfit. I hope this helps anyone who is suffering from a case of oversized-sweateritis. 


Check back here for some special updates this weekend! Xoxo- Pointe Shoes and Prada

Leather Jacket: Black Rivet Sweater: Aerie Jeans: American Eagle Shoes: Deena and Ozzy
Special thanks to my editor Hannah Rose!