Shopping in SoHo

Hey guys! I just realized that this post never went up from when I was in NYC! Sorry for keeping you waiting, but here it is! Enjoy! Xoxo- Pointe Shoes and Prada

I’ve just settled into my hotel room after another exhausting day of shopping in NYC. Today my mom and I hopped on the 6 train and headed to SoHo, my favorite part of NYC. My outfit consisted of jeans, a white tee, a leather-detailed cardigan and my fresh new pair of Adidas Sambas.



It was a bit warmer in the city today, so I got to show off the sick cut-out detail on the back of my shirt. I finished the look with my holographic sunglasses for an ultracool, hipster vibe. Go hipster or go home right? 😉



Of course, I had to include a pictureof the  delicious orange-chocolate mouse I had for dessert.  Two seconds after this was taken, I devoured it 🙂
I hope you all are having a wonderful day and thanks for reading! Xoxo- Pointe Shoes and Prada
Sweater:  J. Crew Jeans:  J Brand Scarf: Calvin Klein Shoes:  Adidas Sunnies: Banaba Republic Purse: Kate Spade