Viva Colombia: A Fashionista’s Guide to Travel

Hello, or should I say hola from South America! I am currently stationed on a beautiful island in the Carribean staying with a wonderful host family and truly living the island life. Although I am in paradise now, it has not been all smooth sailing. For the past week I have been hopping on planes, trains and automobiles to make it to Bogota, Colombia and then to the beautiful island of San Andrés. That means I had to pack very efficiently so that I was not weighed down by my luggage. I packed for a two week trip where I have experienced two completely different climates in just a carry-on sized suitcase and a backpack. Now I know what you are thinking: how the hell did I do it? The answer is simple: pack everything you need and nothing you don’t. Easier said than done right? Maybe, but if I (who has more clothing items than hair my head) can do it, so can you 🙂

While Bogotá is located near the equator, do not be fooled: it is not at all tropical. The temperature stays in the 40’s and 50’s year round and gets colder as you trek up the mountains surrounding the city. When I visited the top of the 3,200 ft peak of Monserrate, I was bundled in a blanket scarf, Patagonia coat and blue jeans.

On the island of San Andrés, off the coast of Colombia, the heat and humidity are relentless. Wearing anything besides breezy dresses, shorts and tank tops with leave you soaked with sweat. 

I got this beautiful dress in an Artesania in Bogotá for the equivalent of $18 in Colombian pesos. Que lindo, no?
 Now for the moment I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: pictures of all the fabulous places I’ve visited!

San Andrés 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I promise to post more regularly once I get back home! Thanks for reading! Xoxo- Pointe Shoes and Prada