What are those!? Fall’s Latest Trend: Statement Footwear

Hello, I am Pointe Shoes and Prada and I have a confession to make: I am struggling with shoe addiction. It started out with a few hits here and there but before long, I couldn’t go a single day without thinking about my next fix. My craving for shoes is something I can’t shake. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to beat this.

Lately, my appetite for footwear is especially ravenous due to the latest fall fashion trend: statement shoes. Fashion month was chock-full of designers who showcased attention-grabbing footwear. It was next to impossible miss the eye-catching, sometimes outrageous shoes on the runway as every fashion blogger in the room angled their iPhones to catch the model’s feet strutting down the runway. 
Today I will show you my favorite high-end statement shoes and affordable alternatives from my very own closet! Trigger Warning: What you are about to see may inspire a shoe addiction 🙂 enjoy!

1. Boots
 Saint Laurent has come out with a few different ranges of ultra-metallic boots. As over-the-top as they may seem, metallics go with almost anything! While these Saint Laurent boots retail for over $1000, my trusty pair of Doc Marten Pascal boots were only $140. Docs last forever remember so if you are on the fence about purchasing a pair, go for it!

Saint Laurent Metallic Leather Ankle Boots

2. Over the Knee Boots
Over the knee boots are a huge trend this fall. I saw these Stuart Weitzman boots on style icon Olivia Palmero and searched them immediately. I discovered that these boots retail for nearly $800! I purchased my over the knee suede boots from a local boutique called Shoefly for $100. I can’t wait to start wearing them again.

'Highland' Over the Knee Boot
Stuart Weitzman Highland Boot

3. Oxfords
Stella McCartney’s sky-high oxfords have been worn by likes of Kendall Jenner, Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat and many other high fashion ladies. My dupe for $1,100 shoes are much more affordable and wearable. My $80 Cole Haan wingtip oxfords still include the white platform, but with a more modest feel. No to mention, they’re uber comfortable.

Stella McCartney 
Stella McCartney Platform Brogues

4. Heels
It seems that every fashion blogger and celeb owns a pair of the coveted Valentino Rock-Stud pumps. At nearly $1,000 a pop, you may think these shoes are ridiculously out of reach for the masses. Think again! I found an almost identical pair at DSW for $70!

Valentino Pumps

I hope you enjoyed this post and to all my fellow shoe addicts out there: it will get better… Until the next shoe trend comes around. Xoxo- Pointe Shoes and Prada