Fashion For a Cause: An #ootd with a Message

Hello everyone! I hope that your Monday was a little less terrible than usual and that you got through the day without crawling into fetal position and accepting defeat. Mondays are a killer, trust me, I know but I’ve got a little something to end the day on a good note: an #ootd with a little twist. Intrigued? Read on!

Where I live, it was freezing outside today so I reached for one of my trusty leather jackets to keep me insulated and warm. I thought about how I could dress the jacket down, making it school more appropriate and decided to pair it with a t-shirt. Now, the shirt that I choose ain’t just any old t-shirt off the racks of Forever 21; this t-shirt has a story, and I’m going to share it with ya.

Pants: Dittos Jeans  Jacket: H&M  Choker: Forever 21  Belt: American Eagle  Socks: Target  Boots: Docs

Last summer, one of my best friends got the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic on an extremely eye-opening missions trip. When she returned home, she shared stories with me about her humbling experiences there. She enjoyed the trip so much that she has decided to return, this time, leading her own group on various excursions, serving the people of the Dominican. To fund this trip, she sold customized t-shirts adorned with the phrase “Love Speaks Every Language.” Simple yet poignant, the phrase is an instant conversation starter.

Fashion for me is always about having fun and expressing yourself, so when the items that you wear have some sort of context or backstory that is significant to you, all the more reason to don them with pride 🙂  If you want to learn more about my friend and her travels, click here to visit her blog!

Well that is all for me tonight! As always, keep reading and sharing 🙂 Xoxo- Pointe Shoes and Prada