Relax With Me: My Favorite Ways to Unwind

Greetings my lovely readers! I’m currently chillin on the couch in my living room, which is admittedly about as far away from my bedroom as I have gotten in the past four days. I truly believe that the art of lounging is all too often overshadowed by the extensive list of to-do’s on our constantly buzzing iPhones. Should I be working on my Biology project? Yes. Should I have finished by art assignments weeks ago? Maybe, but there’s always time to schedule a crunch time work session with Spotify’s Intense Study playlist. Right now, it’s time to sit back, relax and decompress. Here are some of my favorite ways to unwind.

1. Binge watching shows
Guys, I have discovered a really great show that (brace yourselves) is not on Netflix! Has network television made a comeback? I don’t know, but I’ve come across a real gem.

MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles is my newest obsession. If you’re a fan of fantasy novels and movies, this show is right up your alley. As a die-hard Harry Potter enthusiast, I am always a bit weary of getting into new fantasy series; completely unconvinced that anything could even approach J.K. Rowling’s epic masterpiece. However, after watching the first episode of  The Shannara Chronicles on a total whim, I am completely hooked! The show is based on the best-selling book series by acclaimed author Terry Brooks and has so many great aspects: amazing special effects, stunning cinematography, an interesting and imaginative plot line and a hilarious main character played by the absolutely gorgeous Austin Butler. Hands down my new favorite show.

Watch the full first episode here.

2. Making Polyvore sets

So, I’d initially downloaded this app called Polyvore years ago and just recently got back into it. It is essentially a large database of fashion, beauty and home decor items from a variety of different stores that you can put together to form collections or sets. You can also shop items right from the app! I warn you, once you get started, you will become addicted. Here of some of the sets I’ve created. Click the links underneath to visit my Polyvore page!

Morning Coffee and Study Sesh by pointeshoesandprada


Color Pop Bedroom by pointeshoesandprada


3. Vibing to new music

The biggest dilemma of mine this weekend has been whether or not to buy the whole Adele album. I mean, When We Were Young is certifiably my jam, but I hate paying for music since I have Spotify premium. My favorite albums of that moment that are available on Spotify are Revival by Selena Gomez, Blue Neighborhood by Troye Sivan, Delirium by Ellie Goulding, Honeymoon by Lana del Rey, Urban Flora by Alina Baraz, Hozier by Hozier, Drowning Shadows by Sam Smith and Aquarius by Tinashe. Happy listening and please, someone comment and tell me if I should get the Adele album.

4. Cooking (but mostly eating)

If you know me well, you may know that over the past few months, I have become a fairly avid baker. Although I enjoy making new desserts, I fully committed myself to that lost art of lounging and didn’t bake anything this weekend. I instead sampled the various goods that my mother so kindly prepared for me. My favorites were the orange-cranberries muffins, which I will link the recipe of down below. So delicious.

Cranberry Orange Muffins by buttery and moist, these festive muffins are packed with flavor!
You can find the recipe here

Well, that is all for me today you guys. I hope that I gave you some ideas to inspire your next chill session. Remember friend: the art of doing nothing is truly something. Totally stole that quote from Pinterest and feel no shame. Keep reading and sharing ya’ll~ Xoxo- Pointe Shoes and Prada