Scotch on Ice: #modamondays

Hello everyone! Today, I’m kicking off a new series called #modamondays where I post a new outfit to start each week. We all need a little Monday motivation and donning an exceptionally cute look will certainly give me a much needed, extra boost of inspiration on the most dreaded day of the week. Let’s cure those Monday blues with some great fashion, shall we? We shall.

Today, it was pretty mild compared to the freezing temperatures we’ve been enduring for the past few weeks. I decided to go for a type of pant that I don’t usually wear to switch things up a bit since the weather was actually nice today. Corduroys a huge trend this season, so I pulled this great pair out of my closet.


I picked up these boot-cut cords at Gap last year. They fit me perfectly and are a great alternative to blue jeans. The light periwinkle color adds an icy element to the look. Luckily, there wasn’t too much ice outside today as everything was melting. Spring, is that you? No? Okay, but a girl can dream.


The sweater (stolen from my mother, of course) is from a brand called Scotch & Soda (the tag inside the sweater reads Maison Scotch). I’d never heard of the company before and was keen to google them. It turns out that the brand is based in Amsterdam and they have some really great pieces on their site. You can check them out here. Below are some of my favorite pieces from the website:

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I always love finding new brands and seeing what they have to offer. It’s fun to discover hidden gems that aren’t well-known where you are: the pieces add a unique and interesting edge to your wardrobe. Please comment if you would like me to create a post featuring my favorite lesser-known brands; I have quite a few I’d love to share.

I hope that you all enjoyed this post and are having a wonderful day. Keep reading and checking back for more. Xoxo- Pointe Shoes and Prada.