Lunch Date

Hello there! I hope that you’re having a wonderful Thursday. I’m currently sat at my desk, blaring Troye Sivan’s “FOOLS” (he’s going to be on Ellen today!!!) and typing up this post. I just got back from a tasty lunch with my mom at one of our favorite local spots and decided to share what I wore and ate with you!

So, I checked my phone to see what the weather was like before I left home and thought that 37 degrees would feel much warmer than it actually did…I ended up being a little cold in this outfit but hey, at least I looked cute right?

I had all of 5 mins to throw on some clothes and came up with this casual-cool ensemble. I think that this BCBG leather jacket paired with the high-top leather Converse is such a dynamic combo. I’ll definitely being wearing the two together quite a bit come spring time. My fiery knit sweater-hoodie is by a brand called Moth  from Urban Outfitters. I love the comfortable fit and the fact that it’s a sweater and hoodie hybrid.

For accessories, I grabbed what was readily available to me in my frantic rush to get out the door. My beautiful Kate Spade purse (who I affectionately refer to as Portia because I’m certifiably crazy and name my purses) and the cute beanie that I actually picked up at  Modern Nostalgia before we ate lunch were my choices for this outfit. They’re both simple pieces, but totally tie the outfit all together.

portia and coal

When we arrived at our lunch destination, Globe Market, I was very glad to be out of the cold. The small restaurant has a great selection of gourmet soups, sandwiches and salads and the atmosphere has a super-cool vintage vibe. Oh God, there I go with the word ‘vintage’ again. Someone please stop me. Anyhow, Mom and I split a cuban reuben sandwich and each had a bowl of tomato basil soup. So. Good.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Keep on checking back and watch my boy Troye Sivan on Ellen today at 4pm EST!!!!! Have a great rest of your Thursday! Xoxo-Pointe Shoes and Prada