Tell ’em that it’s my birthday

Hello there friends! I am coming to you from the Hazelton Hotel in Toronto another year older and wiser. Thats right, PS&P is officially legal and all that jazz. I have to say, I definitely feel some pressure to be a little bit more mature now that I am considered an adult. Lol, we’ll see how that works out 😉

I went to school in the morning to see my friends and sport this cute look:

sittin pretty
Jacket: BCBG, Dress: Forever 21, Choker: Forever 21, Purse: Kate Spade NY

After school, the fam and I left for Toronto around noon and arrived an hour and a half later at the Hazleton Hotel. This hotel was no joke; the luxurious decor and posh ambiance make you feel like royalty. After I took all the necessary bathroom-mirror selfies (the whole thing is decked out in emerald green marble), we headed out for my birthday lunch.

Museum Tavern is across the street from the Royal Ontario Museum and offers a seriously delicious selection. I stole some of my sister’s mushroom pierogis (voted one of the best dishes in Toronto) and then devoured a buttermilk fried chicken burger. At that moment I knew, I’d fallen in love. That’s all.

After lunch, Mama and I did what we do best (shopping, duh). We hit up Roots, Zara, and Calvin Klein just to name a few. I am proud to say that I only bought 3 items, all on sale and under $50!

Rompers (red and yellow) from Zara and jersey dress form Roots Canada

Once we satisfied our sartorial hunger, we enjoyed this lovely view on the way back to the hotel.


After a well deserved rest, I began my birthday glam-session and slipped into my birthday ensemble, complete with four inch heels. How I walked to the restaurant in those things, I will never know, but somehow, I managed to Naomi-Campbell-walk all the way to the super chic Sotto Sotto.

Sotto Sotto is a an uber popular Italian restaurant in Toronto, known for attracting famous guests. Above the hostess’s table, there was a collage of dozens pictures featuring  the owner of the restaurant and a plethora of well-known celebrities.

As I was daintily dipping my bread in olive oil while enjoying the chic and sophisticated atmosphere, my mother whispered across the table “Look. Drink!”

I discreetly turned in the direction she was gazing to see a large glass of red wine atop the table next to us. “Okay mom, cool,” I said. She kept insisting that I look and finally I saw what she was talking about. She hadn’t said ‘drink’ she’s said ‘Drake’. As in the rapper Drake. As in Hotline Bling and work work work work work Drake. And there he was, sitting nonchalantly at his corner table wearing a bright red hoodie. I nearly died. All night, I snuck glances at the famous rapper and admired his extremely handsome face from across the room. He was like 6 feet away ya’ll; it was unreal.

Here is what I wore on that fateful evening:

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Dinner was absolutely delicious. I didn’t get to take a pic of my seafood linguine before I inhaled it, but please enjoy this pic of my tiramisu 🙂


I hope you all enjoyed this post! Keep on checking back for some more posts from Toronto! Xoxo-Pointe Shoes and Prada