The Art of Athleisure

So, today wasn’t the greatest day I’ve ever had. It was cold, rainy and I have the sniffles 😦 When I’m ill, I don’t want to remove myself from the warmth of my covers, let alone put on real clothes to tackle the day. What does one wear when they’re faced with an inevitably dreary day at school? Enter: athleisure.

Athleisure is a lovely trend that basically allows you to wear gym clothes and call the outfit fashion forward and even chic when in reality, you just threw on some glorified sweats. According to the rules of this fashion movement, leggings are indeed pants and joggers can be paired with any shoes that your little heart desires; including heels!  I did a post on the trend last year if you want some more athleisure info! I’ll link it here.

My look today is inspired by none other than Miss Gigi Hadid. In my humble opinion, she has the best street style in the game and never fails to elevate the latest off-duty model trends. I recreated a recent look of her’s that she sported while in NYC.

For my look, I stayed true to Gigi’s all black base but opted for a duster cardigan instead of a coat as I was inside at school all day (ew). To complete my sick-day ensemble, I laced up my bright red Adidas Tubulars a.k.a. the coolest pair of kicks I’ve ever owned.












If you want to recreate this look, grab your comfiest black leggings, a black tee, a long coat or sweater and your favorite sneakers. If you’re in the market for a new pair of statement sneaks for spring, shop my picks down below!

I hope you all enjoyed! Keep reading, and I’ll keep writing! Much love, PS&P