Acid Wash Overalls

When did acid wash get such a bad rap? Sure, it may not be the pinnacle of style but paired with the right items, it can be cute, right? Not according to Urban Dictionary. After typing “acid wash” into Google, I stumbled across this lovely description of the history of infamous trend on the site:

“Acid washed jeans quickly went out of style in the early 90s, but that didn’t stop tacky people in Sarnia, Ontario and a few other cultural backwaters around North America from wearing them well into the new millennium.”

Tacky, you say? I firmly disagree. Here is how I styled a pair of acid wash overalls.




I picked up these overalls last year at Target for $30. I was instantly drawn to the relaxed fit and distressed knees. For this look, I paired the dungarees with a navy blue Jack Wills tee, my Reebok Classics and some silver accessories.

Sunglasses: Forever 21


So there you have it; acid wash can be cool. Don’t believe everything you read kids, (especially on Urban Dictionary) and never be afraid to wear what ya want. Keep reading, checking back, sharing and all that jazz. Much love ❤ PS&P