#SoCollege: Capsule Wardrobe

Hello there and welcome to the second installment of my #SoCollege series. Today, I’m covering something that all you clothing hoarders and/or soon to be college students are definitely going to want to take note of: a capsule wardrobe. If you’re familiar with the term, you’re probably on Pinterest as much as I am (which is wayyy too much) and if you have no clue what I’m talking about, you probably have a life outside of Pinterest. Good for you! Either way, I’ll break it down for ya.

A capsule wardrobe is essentially an abridged version of your wardrobe that includes items that you wear often and can mix and match in a multitude of different ways. The items in a capsule wardrobe should be 1: well fitting, 2: good quality, 3: easy to pair with other items, 4: things that you absolutely love to wear and 5: relatively easy to care for. With these 5 criteria fulfilled, every outfit you create should be the perfect ensemble. Can you imagine standing in front of your closet and actually choosing and outfit in like 5 minutes? That would seriously be bomb.

Capsule wardrobes are ideal for college because of the measly amount of storage space that dorm rooms provide. They’re also awesome for packing because you can be confident that you will wear every single item that you’re choosing to bring with you. Take it from a recovered shopaholic: if you don’t put some thought into the items you’re bringing to college you’ll A: bring your entire closet, B: bring items that you thought you would wear but don’t or C: all of the above.

So, what would a capsule wardrobe actually look like? Here are some examples to get a better idea:

via In Honor of Design
via House of Valentina
via Modern Legacy
via Urban Outfitters

Not only are these mini wardrobes functional, they’re also very aesthetically pleasing and super instagrammable. Who doesn’t want that?

So now you have the lowdown on capsule wardrobes and possibly want to create your own. Stay tuned for a follow up post featuring my picks for the perfect college capsule wardrobe! If you’re looking for some more inspiration, head over to the sites listed below to check out some minimalist experts.

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Hope you guys liked this post! Make sure to check back to see my college capsule wardrobe! Keep reading, checking back, sharing and all that good stuff 🙂