Meet Me at the Met


So here I am attempting to keep my promise to post more frequently with a good, old-fashioned, outfit post. Remember when I used to do those every day?! Yeah, well me neither.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon wandering the beautiful galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with some friends. With everything that’s been going on, it was nice to take some time to look at some art and escape from reality for a few hours.



It was a mild 50 degrees in NYC today, so I decided to stick with my signature jeans and sweater combo. My gray jeans (which are easily my favorites at the moment) are from American Eagle. They’re the perfect alternative for a bland pair of blue jeans and the fit is awesome. American Eagle definitely takes the cake for affordable and quality jeans.

I picked up my black, knit sweater from Modern Nostalgia while at home on winter break. It’s from a brand called English Factory (you can find their Instagram here). It’s super comfy and has a lace-up detail on the sides. I wore it to the airport when I flew back to the city and it set off the metal detector but hey, it’s totally worth it.

Now, about the boots. These boots are my pride and joy. You have no choice but to feel like a badass in a pair of boots as steezy as these. They’re thigh high, waterproof, platform Chelsea boots. I mean honestly. And what’s better: they were $89. That’s unheard of for a pair of Jeffrey Campbells.


I kept my accessories simple, layering a silver choker from Forever 21 with a long chain necklace stolen from my mom (so is probably reading this and rolling her eyes). My polka dot cross crossbody back is from Kate Spade and added a nice pop of pattern to the otherwise monochrome outfit.

Alright, I have reading to do because college is a real thing that I’m doing. Keep it real out there! Much love, Morgan ❤

Shop my outfit below:

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