Ever Since New York

ever since nyc.JPG

New York has ruined me. I can’t eat a slice of pizza without comparing it to Artichoke. I can’t take a stroll through a park without wishing it spanned 50 blocks. I cringe at the thought of having to drive somewhere instead of taking the subway. I sometimes even feel inclined to wear sunglasses indoors…

New York has spoiled me. I can get any type of cuisine I want at any hour of the night. There is never a dull moment because every time I step outside, I run into an unexpected event. I can wear the most extra outfits I can think of because I know that there are thousands of people dressed even more extravagantly than I am.

New York has stolen my heart. The sounds, the sights, and even the smells. It’s dizzying and intoxicating and so goddamn wonderful I can’t get enough.

Nowhere else feels like home, ever since New York.