When you’re sick, cold, tired and don’t feel like leaving the house, I highly suggest putting on an outfit like this one.

I wore this look out on a chilly Friday afternoon when visiting my local art gallery. Although it’s all black, this look is anything but boring. The combination of all the different textures (sweatshirt, denim, cotton, leather, plastic) and their assorted hues provides subtle variances that give the look interest.


I paired this H&M men’s sweatshirt with subtle distressing near the shoulder with a pair of black skinnies from Articles of Society. I copped these jeans from Modern Nostalgia and they fit like an absolute dream. The bag is Marc Jacobs and the shoes are my trusty Doc Marten chelsea boots. I definitely need to stop by the Doc Marten store and replace these pretty soon (I’ll bring you guys along with me.) I accessorized with a black and white bandana and a pair of round faux frames.


This look is incredibly simple to recreate and is perfect for a causal day out. It’s streetwear chic, androgynous and super comfortable: perfect for days when you just feel like blah. It also layers very easily and can be altered by swapping the black bag for a statement bag to add a pop of color.

So now there’s no excuse to leave your house in pajamas when you’re ill…unless of course those pajamas are a chic matching silk set. In that case, go right ahead.