Sneha Suggests Landline

“Wanna get high and watch Zelig?”

The other day while scrolling through Amazon, I found “Landline” and was pleasantly surprised. Jenny Slate and Abby Quinn star in Gillian Robespierre movie about a New York City family going through some trouble. Parents are worried about the younger daughter’s behavior (played wonderfully by Quinn). The older daughter is having concerns about her identity and relationship (played hilariously by Slate). Lastly, the bickering yet completely relatable sisters have gathered evidence that their father is having an affair.

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The comedy and the relationship between the sisters are based entirely on sarcasm, which is very enjoyable to watch. The issues the characters face is portrayed in a realistic way that audience members can completely relate to: it’s all very human. The movie shows the ups and downs of human nature. It is very warm-hearted. The relationship between the two sisters grows emotionally with the characters throughout the movie. As an older sister, I related to Jenny Slate’s character a lot. She was responsible and safe, but sometimes confused. But funny 😉

My favorite part of the story, however, is the 90’s nostalgia Robespierre portrays. Manhattan in 1995 made this movie even better. There were no cell phones or social media, which is sort of refreshing. The designer Liz Vastola actually took inspiration from Seinfeld to secure an accurate depiction of the 90s. Another favorite part of the movie was how fast paced it was. In the first 15 minutes, you already get a strong understanding of the two sisters and what is going on. For example, the older sister is happily engaged but bumps into her ex-boyfriend at a party. Very realistic.

Landline is a very true to life portrayal of family and relationships. New York City meets witty humor which then meets dark family issues which then meets up with drugs and then meets up with hooking up and then meets up with sisterly love. Not the best description maybe, but watch the movie and you will understand. Landline is an absolute indie gem.