#StayWoke: TEDx Talk by Amal Kassir

by Morgan


Watch Amal’s TEDx Talk  “The Muslim on the airplane” here

I sat in front my computer screen completely and utterly enthralled for 16 minutes while watching Amal Kassir deliver one of the greatest TEDx Talks I’ve ever seen. I’m still reeling from it as I type this. Her voice: incredibly clear and distinct. Her delivery: completely unapologetic. Her message: absolutely imperative.

What does it mean to ask someone their name and to genuinely listen when they tell us? What does it say about us?

What happens when we don’t ask someone’s name and assign one to them instead?

Amal answers all of these questions and unpacks the implications of identity and how othering, ignorance, and fear create the seemingly impenetrable wall that separates our conditioning from our humanity.

Take the time to watch this video and to share it with someone who you think needs to see it.

Remember: change begins with a conversation, so don’t be afraid to make some noise.