Vintage Leather


There’s nothing like a vintage leather jacket. The smell, the texture, the distressing; each aspect gives the garment personality. This well-loved, Banana Republic leather bomber jacket belonged to my Dad. When I came across it while searching my attic for winter sweaters, I knew that I had to style it.


I wanted to play with different textures and colors to provide contrast for the jacket’s deep brown hue so I chose to pair it with light wash mom jeans form American Apparel. The jeans brighten the look and correspond with the 90s vibe of the outfit.


The cheetah print crossbody is from Coach and borrowed from my mom (as per usual). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sneak it back to NYC with me but I made sure to use it quite a bit over winter break. A really simple way to introduce pattern and contrast to an otherwise simple outfit is by adding a statement bag. Accessories are meant to be fun, so I love wearing small things that are juxtaposed with the rest of the look. Experimenting with different accessories that don’t necessarily match an outfit perfectly really elevates a look.


If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about vintage shopping, it’s that you never really know what you’re going to get. Although I literally just took a trip to my own attic, I wasn’t in search of anything, in particular, I just sort of picked out what I gravitated towards.

Vintage shopping and thrifting is also great for the environment and much more ethnically sound than buying new garments from fast fashion brands. And thrifted items are mad cheap so there’s also that!

Maybe I’ll do a post about my thrifting techniques and tips. Let me know if that’s something you would like to see!