Spring Semester Roundup: The Fits You Missed

As spring semester of my sophomore years draws to a close, I can’t even fathom how quickly college is going by. Let’s not even talk about it.

This semester has been very experimental for me in many regards and I think that my style has reflected that. I got out of my comfort zone and tried to wear the lesser known items in my closet and pulled tags off of things that I’d been saving for a rainy day. Experimentation is key, especially when you’re still cultivating your sense of personal style.

Turning twenty was a huge catalyst for making some stylistic changes. I had this delusion that twenty-year-olds are far more put together than teenagers when in reality, being twenty is a hell of a lot like being nineteen. Nevertheless, I felt pressured to appear more coherent and polished. I tried to embrace that concept of coherence and at times, completely rejected it while I was in denial about actually being two decades old. It’s a lot to process,

Despite the sheer absurdity of some of the s*** that went down this semester, I pulled myself together and sported some nice looks. Life lesson: when everything’s a mess, you can always put on a cute look and pretend that everything’s okay. Street style photographer extraordinaire Bill Cunningham put it best:

“Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life.”

Double Denim for Spring Weekend



Fossil Denim Jacket | F 21 Crop Top | Carmar Demin Jenas | H&M Purse | Nike AF1’s |  E. Daly Design Hoops | Berenik Sunglasses

Minimal Chic in Chinatown



J.Crew Shirt | Brandy Melville Bandeau |H&M Demin Skirt |Doc Marten Sandals }|Matt & Nat Bucket Bag | Sunski Glasses

Pastels in Brooklyn


BCBG Leather Jacket | J. Crew T-shirt | Abercrombie Jeans | Matt & Nat Bucket Bag | Banana Republic Sunglasses | E. Daly Design Hoops | Necklace from Modern Nostalgia

Urban Cowgirl


Banana Republic Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket | Brandy Melville Crop | Carmar Denim Jeans | Levi’s Hat | J. Crew Tassel-Hoops | Vintage Leather Belt | UO Marble Phone Case

Devilish for the Met Ball Monday


Zara Jumpsuit | Doc Marten Sandals | UO Necklace | Glasses from somewhere in the East Village lol | Kyodan Sweater

Lazy Study Day


Topshop Tank | Madewell Jeans | Banana Republic Sunglasses | Jewelry from ModNos